Friday, July 18, 2014

Morning Email from Bob Proctor: Learning From Pigeons

During an experiment, pigeons were put in cages with one green and one red button.  In one cage, if the birds pecked the green button they would get food every time.  In the other, the green button yielded food erratically and the pigeons had to persist to get enough food.  In both cases, pecking the red button did nothing.  Both sets of birds thrived, learning what they had to do to survive and to ignore the red button that yielded no food.  

But when the birds that were used to getting a reward every time were put in the cage that fed them only occasionally, they failed to adapt; they hit their heads against the cage and pecked wildly at everything in sight.

There are two worthwhile lessons from this study.  First, the pigeons quickly learned from experience to avoid the red button because it was unproductive.  There are lots of people who would lead smoother and happier lives if they just stopped pushing red buttons that never give them what they want.

Second, even birds who have it too easy get spoiled and develop an entitlement mentality that prevents them from adapting to situations where they can solve their problems if they just work harder.  Some people are like that too.  They don’t deal well with new circumstances especially those that require persistence.

Part of being responsible is learning from experience to appreciate the benefits of tenacity and the wisdom of avoiding useless, harmful and self-defeating patterns of behavior.

~Michael Josephson

Saturday, July 12, 2014

What is your belief? How do you feel about that?

Is it right to want money? 

Is it right to want another source of income outside of your regular job? 

Is it wrong to want the above mentioned? 

The answers to the majority would be yes, yes, and no. I would be right in my opinion that everyone feels that it is right to want more money. Alas, I'm starting to feel this way because I initially didn't. I knew logically that it was but my inner resolve (limiting beliefs) said otherwise or better said, said the opposite of what the majority ruled.

Now, I think about the biblical text that reads "...for the love of money is the root of all evil." Joe Vitale said "I love what money can do". 

Money doesn't add more problems, once the mindset is changed about money, it's realized that it can solve and answer many, many, MANY problems!! 

Let's think of the problems it can solve:
Financial Freedom 

I believe the list goes on and on.

Where I am in my life is being "happy" with the fact that it's normal to want more money. But it's not "cool" to stress over what I don't have. I have stressed over not having enough when I actually do. I just need to recognize that I desire and want more so that I can answer and solve more problems that may arise in my life. 

Another biblical text that comes to mind is "...whom much is given, much is required." This statement is true on so many levels and it can also apply to money. "Money is the answer to all things" (biblical reference) likewise if much is given, there is more responsibility. 

I guess this question I need to ask myself is, "Am I ready for more responsibility?" That is an amazing and thought-provoking question... Am I? Honestly? 

The singer Ledisi made a statement at a concert of hers that made me think. Paraphrasing, she said that don't be fooled that artist don't experience their problems as more comes in. It just means that they have more to deal with it. And based off the above statements, I can flip that to say that they have more problems to solve from the added responsibility as they gain more "limelight". 

The same goes with us. As we move up on our jobs, we acquire (usually) a higher salary but most definitely more responbililty. 

Again, this question comes directly to slap me in the face with sense and enlightenment, "Am I ready for more responsibility?"

More money = (- more problems) + more solutions + more responsibility = More money, ONLY if I use it to solve & answer the problems right and wisely. 

Do we have a choice in where we want the money and the responsibilty (current or new) to come from? 

Maybe, honestly not sure.

So, if I want more money at work, I should expect new and/or more responsibility? What if your level of pay remains the same but the responsibility increases? That's disproportionate!! But it happens... What do you then say to these things, eh? 

I still need to answer the question, "Am I ready for more responsibilty? 

Am I ready for more responsibility on my current job or more from one that is another source of income? 

I can't say I want more from this current one because I'm just in a place right now where I just want to manage and continue handling my responsibility with what is currently on my plate there and when more comes, I'll be ready for it.

Likewise, working on another source wouldn't be bad... But that is more responsibility but equivalently more money.. 

So, to answer the question, "Am I ready for more responsibilty?" I would answer the question with a question "Am I ready for money?" Is the right question to ask because both question are equivalent in theory... And the answer to both is Yes I Am. 

Now, since I've said yes to the call, the next order if business is to think about other sources of income that I can bring in as additional money.

Just read the below pic from Sri Sri: 

Doing something good that will benefit the society and the world around you that you impact directly or indirectly will cause God to bring the necessary resources to accomplish the work that is set before you to do... 

I guess that question is, "What work is it that needs to be done by you that will/can positively impact the society/work around you?" Then and only then will the necessary resources come those solve problems...

SN: (reminder) Pure heart, pure intentions about the good work set before you..

Now, I'm beginning to see the light on what my brother said his Pastor said. Paraphrasing, we have been sent here to solve a problem.. It's up to you to find out what that problem is so that you and only you can solve it. Then, the resources are sure to follow & come to the surface for your use. Use it right and wisely.

I guess I need to journal.. "What is the problem that I've been sent here to solve?" You want another source of income eh? Why? What problem can you solve and render as a service? Service brings rewards both financial and spiritual... 

I'm done.. #MidnightThoughts

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Success is a journey... (Reminder)

Success is a journey not a destination. The doing is usually more important than the outcome. Not everyone can be Number 1.

Take your own advice... Practice what you preach

So, this blog will be about my realization today. 

I'm working on this project and it's not in a healthy state, for multiple reasons (general, mine, and others)... I would say all stemmed from lack of communication, operating reactively rather than proactively, and also the lack of training & development.

Anyway, I can't change the past but I have to deal and go through. 

With that being said, today I made a choice to see the past as it "was" and not let my current situation bring my spirit down. 

Honestly, this is me taking my own advice. I tend to drop tidbits and revelations from outside situations and not use those as my own stepping stool to get me to where I need to be.

Today, I guess as a sign of maturity, I made the simple choice to attempt to not let a situation with my project effect my day. Granted, I did call my girlfriend and give her an earful about the situation at hand. Nevertheless, after I spoke to her, I had to deal with the issue.

I usually let disappointment bring me down by me beating up myself but I attempted to be easy on me and it actually worked! Can we say #Progress?! Oh yes. 

So, essentially, taking your own advice (whatever that might be) and applying it to your life may yield the results that you need (and have been looking for all along - can we say the answer has been inside of you the whole time? Yep! It was just waiting on you to see it as it is). It works for others, why can't it work for the one who preaches it? 

Practice what you preach. It builds a testimony of faith and truth that what you say holds weight & validity; which I've learn, brings about lasting & effective change.

I was just thinking. I need to practice what I preach more often... Maybe it will bring results.. 

Just had an "Ah Ha!!" Moment!! 

Off to my next feat - victory... 


Monday, July 7, 2014

Mind Paralysis

Mental: of or relating to the mind
Mind: the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought.
Paralysis: inability to act or function in a person, organization, or place


This morning I started freaking out. My inner struggles started rearing it's ugly head this morning through my mental faculties -- my mind. 

My insecurities that pose questions like:
1) what has he or she said about me? 
2) do I look ok? 
3) what do ppl think of me? 

Then I go through the battles of:
1) I want to be successful 
2) I want more money 
3) I hate my job 

Then I go through the opposing stance of:
1) you should and must be thankful.You  could be like many others and not have a job or money 
2) you're beautiful as you are
3) if you want to change, then change... Simple as that...

Then I thought about this topic mental paralysis... I found the definition of both words and I realized that wasn't what I was seeking. Then I googled the definition of mind and I said "ok, this is it". 

Sometime we experience "mind paralysis". Mind paralysis to me is when you experience the inability or rather disability and lack of functionality in your present awareness which hinders you from thinking, feeling, and being present to the world around you. 

You are mentally paralyzed by worry, the image/your perception of the future, the negativity (both real & unreal) of your present,the past (images - real and unreal) and more. 

This paralysis is REAL. Real to the point of where you become delusional, fearful, and possibly sick (mentally and physically). 

I'm not going to lie to you about whether or not I've found the answer, solution, cure to this going and very present issue. But my faith in Christ has been helpful in dealing with this struggle... 

I do also believe that the reason there is no freedom is because there has been no true release of faith and self. 

Faith in Christ that:

1) He knows where you are
2) He knows your struggles
3) He cares
4) He can heal the paralysis so that you can be free

True release of self means:
1) recognizing that you have struggles (insecurities, plain ole issues)
2) taking ownership of them 
3) releasing them to God 
4) work with God as he works with and thru you
5) accept your healing and just "be" 

Honestly those are just some of my views and how I work through my struggle. 

Likewise, I do believe (I must take my own advice right now) that in order to be healed you must Go with the Flow of God, Let Go, and Let God have His way... I'm learning and beginning to understand that real freedom of self is to:
1)Release the thoughts of it all (whatever that entails, in which I believe is the root of all insecurities)
2)Be Present in your journey of healing and experience it

I've found as a result of mind paralysis you're incapable of experiencing a healthy life and reaching your potential. Mind paralysis causes you to literally miss opportunities because of its origin and what it is.

So today, I found myself in a funk and in order for me to be healed I had to shift back to reality, be present, and let God have His way in my life, not on tomorrow but at that moment when I was struck with paralysis.

You do know this can happen physically (at what no one can see) and at any moment don't you? It sure can even while walking, sitting, or talking with someone. It's real.

I can only be present and go with the Flow of God (which requires selfless obedience)... That's were stability, strength, happiness, excitement, success and all my needs (& wants) reside and exist. I'm beginning to think that the only way to experience God in His fullness and glory is to be present in the moment of your beautiful and unique life.


Friday, July 5, 2013

What Success Can Possibly Mean...

I'm at a place in life where I am recognizing what success could "possibly" mean or entail. 

To me success means being happy with all aspects of your life, understanding that you've accomplished much, but there is still more to do.

The amount of money you may attain doesn't measure success, nor the accolades, positions, recognitions, titles achieves doesn't not make you successful.

To me success is present in an individual who has made an impact in the workplaces or other organizations, amongst whom they work with and serve as they progress laterally and/or horizontally. 

So, with that being said everyone is successful in their own right if they commit to hard work, servitude, and continual forward progress in whatever has been put in there hands to do, at any given moment.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

This speaks to me in so many ways. I do believe that I am successful but I also recognize that I haven't arrived at reaching certain goals I want to attain or achieve. 

To be honest I want riches, I want honor, I want prestige... But those who get that are those who don't seek it. They are the ones that are committed to achieving their set goal(s) and serving others along life's way. 

Just some of my thoughts on #LifeSuccess 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Thoughts of now...

It's been a while since I've posted...changes have definitely taking place...I would say some for the good and others for the bad, but I know within that "all things ARE working together for the good of THEM that love God and THOSE that are called according to HIS purpose"... So with that being said, everything is working out for my good (and yours) in its own timing as we continue to love God and seek to fulfill His purpose for our lives (Quick word of encouragement for you and me, eh? Yup yup, guess so)

I have experienced lately what it means to be challenged. Those challenges leave you at a point of definite discomfort in your psyche (how you view yourself in the situation) and your emotions (how you feel about yourself handling and being in the situation). It honestly leaves you "feeling like" a failure... Seriously, it does. But what I come to realize that staying in that "failure mode" or "failure feeling" is a state of mind that you have complete control over, whether to stay in it or not. 

I recognize that I have a tendency to stay in this state for TOO long, to the point where I make up situations (from thoughts...imaginations) based off solely off low vibrations, low energy, simply put, low feelings... These feelings unconsciously pile on to become a physical place of failure, if you don't decide to change your focus/mind on the situation. It's soo amazing how the mind is soo brilliant if you use it wisely and adversely so self-sabotaging if you use it wrongly. 

So, the question is, how do I "get out of my feelings"? How do I change my mind so I can see the reality of my situation and in the same breath, enjoy my now. How?

I think it's by first:

1. Accepting the truth that you missed the mark somewhere... 

Simply put, the truth, that you honestly may have failed in your attempts to succeed in whatever area you failed in, which is ok, (saying this to myself now and hopefully it encourages you too). The truth hurts...but the truth breaks the yoke of false reality and pride, which is a definite demise to success... Pride is a B... #CarryOn but seriously it is, and if you remain in this imaginary world that you are right and everyone is wrong, please believe you will not succeed in that state... So, accept the truth!! Also, get around loving and truthful people (check your circles for the "Yes People...can we say #EpicFail... They do you "No Good"... Get around the truth, let people tell you that you're wrong about things, but also allow them to speak freedom to you with a "better perspective" on the situation... It can actually make you feel better (higher vibrations, higher energy, higher feelings...happiness, joy, and peace in your spirit...that's what you need right...Right!! A peace of mind). So, in saying all that, "the truth will make you free"... I rather be made free from the onset rather than be set free... I have the potential to be bound again... I need the truth to make me into a better and eventually a successful person.

2. Keep moving...don't stop

I'm about to finish this post, but this second thought just came to mind... Keep moving and don't stop... Failure I feel is a stopping point. Like a period or a "The End" kinda deal... That's not cool... I heard that "Quitters or Losers" and I'm not about that life... I'll ride the brakes off the situation before I quit and when I do that, I'll get some more brakes and continue moving forward if that is what the Lord God wants and/or is calling for in my life at that point... But, I do think that you can pause. You're not stopping, you're just "getting yourself together", "getting your mind right", reassessing the situation, reevaluating yourself against the situation to take a look at what you can do differently if you have to retake the test again (& please will retake the test again)... So, it isvdefinitely ok to pause, Selah, reflect on the present... You reevaluate and reassess, make the necessary changes, start the car of your life again and keep it moving...

My Youth Pastor says a few words before bible study ends... I don't remember everything but these few words, "Success is MANDATORY and Failure is NOT an option"... 

I accept the truth.
I keep moving.
I don't stop.
I succeed. 

I hope this helps you and encourages you just as its doing for me... We will succeed if we don't quit... #Simple #JustLikeThat

Peace and Blessings to you...Enjoy the rest of your day.